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New Products

1. Magnus Mobility Systems Inc. Expands by Acquiring Powers Industrial Group Inc.

California-based caster and motion control product supplier expands to Texas in the acquisition of Powers Industrial Group Inc.

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2. MODEX 2014 - North America's Biggest Supply Chain and Logistics Expo

Magnus Mobility and Rotacaster Wheel Pty showcased the Rotatruck at MODEX 2014. The Rotatruck is a perfect example of the Rotacaster wheels ability to transform and improve the functionality of a product that has done the same thing in the same manner for

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3. Revolutionary New Square Wheel Caster

Rotating cable guards mounted on the side of each wheel gently move cables, wires and tubes away from the wheels as the caster is moved. The cable guards are molded from polyurethane, which will flex under tension, allowing the guard to rotate, assisting

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4. The Right Wheel For The Right Industry

Traditional wheels do not work in hi-temp bakeries. Bakeries roll carts into ovens. Traditional hi-temp phenolic wheels survive about 350-400°F intermittent temperatures (thirty minutes in and thirty minutes cool-off). The traditional wheels are hard

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5. Productivity and Automation Efficiency Event

2012 augurs a need for immediate solutions as part of lean best-practices. A kaizen event for distribution must start with the hand truck in the delivery cycle; it represents the obvious place for continuous process improvement, yet consistently overlooke

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6. Modex 2012: Rotacaster makes manual movement of loads safer, faster and easier.

Designed with a multi-directional wheel known as the Rotacaster, the four-wheel hand truck rotates easily in small spaces and can actually move loads sideways. According to Peter McKinnon, managing director for Rotacaster, this innovative design can overc

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7. Rotacaster Profiled In Modern Materials Handling

Rotacaster makes manual movement of loads safer, faster and easier according to Lorie King Rogers, Associate Editor at Modern Materials Handling. Rogers noted during MODEX 2012 Rotacaster Wheel (Booth 3520) welcomed attendees to a hands-on demonstration a

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8. Magnus and Steinco

A strategic partnership has been formed between Steinco, known worldwide for extraordinary German engineering of caster wheels and Magnus Mobility Systems Inc. Magnus is the leading, worldwide provider of motion control solutions including casters and whe

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9. Operating Room Floor Challenges

Challenge: Operating room floors obstructed by the power cords, connecting wires from equipment to the operating table, and various and assorted tubes present a labyrinth of obstacles. Most equipment used in hospitals rolls, since it is f

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10. Non-Toxic Lubricants FDA Approved

A leading Italian manufacturer developed a special material and process originally developed for the aerospace industry and adapted it to special purpose wheels. The applications have expanded into stainless steel casters and other composite wheel materia

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11. Elevator Entry at Hospitals and the Square Wheel

Challenge: Problems entering or exiting elevators caused by the threshold crack in which wheels easily get caught if the wheels are not properly oriented have been resolved with the Square Wheel Caster available from Magnus Mobility. Othe

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12. Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel & Casters

Challenge: Traditional wheels do not work in hi-temp bakeries. Bakeries roll carts into ovens. Traditional hi-temp phenolic wheels survive about 350-400°F intermittent temperatures (30 mins in/30 mins cool-off). The traditional wheels

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13. Distribution 2012: Hand Truck Efficiency Drives Supply Chain Solutions

The North American distribution and logistics industry is valued at more than $300 billion and will experience even more growth in 2012. The value chain for the production, distribution, and sale of food, beverage and other merchandise indicate that produ

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14. Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel and Casters from Magnus Include Ergonomic Noise Reduction

An ergonomically friendly work environment requires noise reduction. RTH wheels are a special proprietary high temperature aerospace rubber compound that cushions the loaded racks from vibration, reduce floor noise, and can be equipped with special noise

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15. Factory Safety Management Article

16. Anti Static White Paper