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Jilson plastic ball bearings are well suited for other applications like wash down areas, where equipment is frequently wet and prone to rusting with conventional bearings. Corrosive environments, where bearings will be subject to chemical abrasiveness, are also a good fit for plastic ball bearings. Whether you need to move relatively low loads and RPM, or the heaviest industrial equipment, Magnus has the right bearing to keep your operation moving along. Even if your equipment is located in such a way to make bearing lubrication access difficult, it's no problem because our bearings are self-lubricating.


Series 06204
Inside Diameter 20
Outside Diameter 47
Width 14
Rows Single
Races PP
Cage PP
Flange N
Extended Inner Race N
Shield N
Seal N
Load Capacity - Dynamic (lbs) 78.2
Max RPM in Air 1050
Load Capacity - Static (lbs) 50.2
Ball Glass
Manufacturer Jilson


As suppliers of the highest quality plastic ball bearings and housings, Magnus offers the largest selection of in-stock items and the ability to custom fabricate to your exacting specifications. When combined with stainless steel or non-metallic balls (made of polymer, glass or Ceramic), these plastic ball bearings are completely non-magnetic, which is perfect for applications such as hospital environments where various types of equipment may be sensitive to magnetic charge. We use top grade materials such as: Acetal, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, KYNAR, PETP, PBT, PEEK, Ceramic and Stainless Steel in different combinations to meet specific needs. Jilson's housings for plastic bearings are made of high-grade, solid PBT thermoplastic polyester. Plastic ball bearings are ideal for: food and beverage industries, photo processing facilities, major appliance or furniture industries, many marine applications, chemical and electroplating industries, paint and dye manufacturers, textile industries, automotive manufacturing or service, water treatment plants, pharmaceutical industries, outdoor applications and more.