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ISO 9001:2015 certified



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7" Long-For Bags 20" To 32" Wide; Double Lock Feature-Extra Security


Select versatile QuicKlip ties wherever you need ties that can be released quickly, adjusted or readjusted at will, and reused again and again. Made of high density polyethylene (no metal teeth or embedded wires which could contaminate your product) they have a high holding strength and can be depended upon to stay closed until you need to open them. QuicKlips are perfect for production and laboratory applications where the opening and reclosing of bags is a daily necessity...and where maintaining product freshness and purity is essential. The easy fastening and super-quick release of QuicKlip ties will save you time and eliminate spoilage and waste. QuicKlip ties add an attention-getting quality touch to any package. They will give your product a competitive edge over products sealed with tape or ordinary wire ties.