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Jilson Bearing Housings - made of high-grade solid PBT thermoplastic polyester - are the durable, corrosion-resistant replacement for conventional cast iron housings. These maintenance-free housings have excellent mechanical strength, stiffness and dimensional stability - and they'll never rust or corrode.


Series FPL
Housing Size 204
Manufacturer Jilson


The strength and durability to stand up to the toughest applications - tensile strength at break (ASTM D 638) is an impressive 17,300 psi. Yet they can be cleaned or hosed down with hot water and will operate at temperatures up to 280°F.* Where cleanliness is of the greatest importance - as in the food and food handling industries - Jilson Thermoplastic Housings are the ideal alternative. Compare our smooth surfaces with the rough surfaces on cast iron housings - you'll see how cast iron surfaces can harbor dirt, mold or bacteria. On Jilson's Housings there's no plating or coating to chip or peel - coated or plated cast iron housings can scratch, chip and peel, which can cause corrosion or contamination in it's environment. In fact, they are often chipped and damaged during installation, particularly around the edges of the bolts that hold them in place. Because Jilson Housings are solid PBT, coatings are not required to protect them...and their solid construction means no vulnerable parts to expose. Corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic housings are used in a wide variety of industries - including food processing, canning, bottling, pharmaceutical, packaging, paint, dye and textiles, exercise equipment, marine, automotive, photo processing, appliance, and chemical processing...and in many other industrial applications.Jilson Housings can be supplied with steel or plastic ball bearings, or plastic bushings - coated or plated housings are available in standard size units which accept standard-size insert ball bearings. For maximum corrosion protection or where non-magnetic qualities are important, we can supply Jilson plastic insert bearings with either glass or stainless steel balls.