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ISO 9001:2015 certified

About Us

About Us

The Monroe-Magnus network of companies provides specialized and standard motion control and industrial hardware solutions including casters, wheels, levelers, gas springs, bearings, material handling equipment, clips and ties, shears and related accessories. Monroe-Magnus serves design engineers seeking motion control solutions that meet exacting performance, budget and deadline goals, and purchasing professionals looking for price-competitive motion control components. Monroe-Magnus provides motion control and industrial hardware solutions with a level of formalized quality unrivaled in the industry; an innovative approach that enables us to offer superior, resourceful solutions; and personal, relationship-based service.

Formalized Quality

Monroe-Magnus is ISO 9001:2015 certified, providing customers with the highest standardized levels of process and product quality, staff expertise, and business integrity. Click Here for more information about ISO.


Monroe-Magnus leverages long-standing partnerships, supply chain information systems, and engineering expertise to craft comprehensive motion control solutions that offer the best combination of performance and price.


Monroe-Magnus fosters relationships based on unparalleled support provided in a timely, friendly, and courteous manner.

When design and quality matter

Over the past decade, mass manufacturing and price competition have relegated the perception of many products to that of a commodity item, differentiated only by price. At the same time, the need for more capable motion control devices has continued to grow. Across industries such a business machines, food service, healthcare, and retail point-of-purchase merchandisers, motion control solutions must not only be affordable, they must also meet and exceed increasingly rigorous performance requirements. Design engineers and purchasing professionals alike are confronted with the challenge of finding solutions that perform to spec and with the lowest cost of acquisition and ownership. In a marketplace inundated with hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, finding a proven, experienced partner can be daunting.

The need for a single-source solution provider that can meet the evolving and diverse needs of these industries is clear. The Monroe-Magnus network of companies offers a peerless level of experience, design savvy and a pervasive dedication to quality. This enables us to deliver solutions of incomparable integrity, performance, and value. When design and quality matter, Monroe-Magnus should be your first and only call.

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