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ISO 9001:2015 certified

Disc Brake Hand Trucks

A New Way To Transport Loads!

Heavy loads can tend to run away, but we have the solution...B&P Disc Brakes that allow you to actuate a brake by hand! The wheel, extruded hub, and brake rotor are bolted together as a single piece and can even be retrofitted to most manufacturer models.

  • Applies equal pressure to both calipers for even braking action
  • "C" Bracket allows for fast removal of calipers
  • Disc Guards percent damage to rotors
  • High strength solid 3/4" axle is standard
  • Precision Bearings for smooth rolling and long life
  • Better ergonomics for increased operator safety and efficiency
  • Easy maintenance when required
  • Wheel changes do not require total hand truck disassembly


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