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MODEX 2014 - North America's Biggest Supply Chain and Logistics Expo

Magnus Mobility and Rotacaster Wheel Pty showcased the Rotatruck at MODEX 2014. The Rotatruck is a perfect example of the Rotacaster wheels ability to transform and improve the functionality of a product that has done the same thing in the same manner for centuries. It is revolutionizing productivity and safety during the last 100 yards of delivery.

Rotacaster Wheel introduced the new GC-Series Rotatruck™. It was designed in collaboration with a leading Australian compressed gas supplier in response to handling challenges associated with the increases in the size, pressure and weight of gas cylinders.

“Based on the patented multi-directional 4-wheeled Rotatruck™, the GC-Series engages, lifts and lowers the latest generation or larger and heavier high-pressure gas cylinders to and from stillage safely, easily and quickly” says Rotacaster Managing Director, Peter McKinnon. “The trucks replace what was once a difficult manual process. The system virtually eliminates bending and minimizes overall effort and load interaction, dramatically reducing risk of injury or product damage.”

“The GC-Series Rotatruck™ incorporates an innovative sliding dual frame for loading, lifting and lowering the cylinders, while keeping two wheels safely planted on the ground,” Peter says. “Securing the cylinder with magnets minimizes the need for the operator to secure the load allowing them to use both hands to control the truck.”

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