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ISO 9001:2015 certified

Steinco's Ingenious Modular 880 Series Caster

A New Approach To An Age-Old Idea

The wheel has been reinvented in the form of the Steinco 880 Series.

Modular in design and assembled without tools or axles, the 880 caster can be configured as a swivel, directional lock, total lock or central lock with a variety of mounting types. Not only can the modular nature of this series reduce inventory costs, but assembly is unrivaled due to ease of access. Mount the caster housing to your equipment first, then slide the wheel module into place - or assemble the entire caster and mount it all in one piece and you are on your way!

  • Single-wheel, nylon-body
  • Precision ball bearings in the wheel and swivel
  • 100mm & 125mm wheel sizes
  • Positive gear interface brake
  • Very low rolling resistance
  • Closed design for optimal cleaning
  • Ideal for OEM's, Designers, Fabricators, and Service Companies

Available Exclusively in the USA through Magnus Caster-Pro.

For more information, please take a look at the Steinco 880 Series Product Brochure.

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