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Medialiftv Dollie


medialifTV®,, manufactures a beautifully crafted, weatherproof enclosure for the outdoor use and enjoyment of a flat screen TV and media gear. The challenge they faced was providing a mobile enclosure easily moved and positioned on crowded patios or in limited office or conference room spaces. 


Jim Carr, medialifTV® CEO and inventor, chose the Rotacaster multidirectional wheel for use on the media-ROVER and media-SPYDER trolleys. The Rotacaster wheel provides medialifTV customers with great maneuverability of their enclosures. The media enclosure when mounted on one of the trolleys can be positioned in any direction, even directly sideways. This maneuverability makes it easy to position the medialifTV enclosure exactly where the customer wants the unit. 

In addition to the functionality of the Rotacaster, there were also other design and esthetic advantages. The wheel required a minimum of mounting space and was easily incorporated into the trolleys. And Mr. Carr found the Rotacaster to be cool and edgy as are the medialifTV® products.

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