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ISO 9001:2015 certified

Parts Bin Transfer Station


A car manufacturer was challenged to move heavy steel parts bins between parallel in and out conveyor lines in one of their parts distribution centers. The use of a ball transfer table was not proving to be an effective solution. The bins with a narrow steel frame base were difficult to control and the ball transfers failed more frequently than was acceptable.

The manufacturer challenged their conveyor supplier to come up with a more effective product for transferring the parts bins through the workstation from one line to the other. 


The conveyor company used Magnus Mobility’s Max Performance Conveyor Roller to solve this problem. Max Performance Conveyor Rollers use the Rotacastertm multidirectional wheel to provide easy and controllable movement in all directions. The Max Performance rollers were installed in an existing conveyor section, replacing 1.9” steel rollers as a retrofit. The parts bins were easy to control and move requiring less force by employees than the ball transfer table.

The product selected was a 32” Max Performance roller with the Rotacaster R2-0484-99 wheel on 2” centers. Rollers were installed on 3” centers. 

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