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Umbrella Dollie


An amusement park was having problems deploying umbrellas within the park where needed. The dollie used to transport the six umbrellas and stands used two rigid and two swivel casters. The swivel casters would get stuck on railroad tracks and other irregular surfaces within the park as the load was not balanced. With a load weighing close to 500 lbs., it was difficult for one person to move the umbrellas where needed. Building a dollie with more swivel casters was explored, but the dollie was very difficult to move as all the swivel casters were not going in the same direction. 


The amusement park designed and had built a dollie employing the Rotacaster multidirectional wheel.  The design used eight Rotacasters so that the dollie would not tilt and get stuck on railroad tracks or driveways. Fabricated from aluminum extrusion and assembled with Fath hardware, the dollie has four Rotacasters in the center of the platform mounted slightly lower, less than 1/16”, than the Rotacasters in the corners. This design provides great maneuverability as the dollie rotates on center.

The dollie is easily maneuvered around the park without getting stuck on the obstacles the swivel caster dollie did.

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