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Swivel Bearing Designs


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Single Ball Race

Most basic of possible seivel constructions, this economical and low height caster depends on an accurately curved raceway to contact a single row of balls. Because of its minimal ability to withstand thrust against the king pin, this construction is not recommended where shock exists, but is nevertheless found in the world's most popular "dolly" casters.

Double Ball Race

Two sets of hardened and polished steel balls rotate in machined or pressure-coined raceways. The upper raceway absorbs direct thrust, while the lower raceway surrounds the king pin to absorb side forces (component thrust). Raceways are hardened as required by the load rating and king pins may be of the bolt or rivet type.

King Pin-Free

Unique design whereby a single row of ball bearings run between laterally facing, machined raceways. Eliminates the traditional king pin found in virtually all other swivel assemblies.

Commercial Load & Precision Thrust Bearing

A set of hardened and polished steel balls rotate in a machined raceway (flame hardening recommended for continuous service). Radial thrust is absorbed by a precision tapered roller bearing.

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