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Gas Springs

Gas Springs

Magnus offers a wide variety of gas springs to permit manually opened or operated devices—large and small alike—to operate safely. Our industrial gas springs reduce wear and tear, are cost-effective and improve performance for any application involving the positioning of moving parts. The use of gas springs in a rapidly expanding universe of applications has come about because gas springs are available in more compact designs and they afford a high level of operating convenience and safety during use. Fortunately, you’re not on your own. Magnus can provide you with extensive technical, design and installation support for many applications. The vast know-how of our application consultants and technicians coupled with our highly efficient installation proposal programs and practical arrangements, ensure the best industrial gas spring solutions.

Gas springs are the cost-effective answer to positioning moving parts. Gas springs improve the performance and ergonomic character of a device, while enhancing safety through controlled opening and closing speeds. Designed to last the lifetime of most products, industrial gas springs are self-contained, clean and maintenance-free. Put them to work in a varietyof environments and applications, including food processing equipment, automotive, medical and diagnostic apparatus, fitness equipment and business machinery.

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