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IndustryLine Gas Springs

IndustryLine Gas Springs

Stabilus IndustryLine gas springs are the perfect customer-specific solution for your application, offered in a variety of sizes and materials including 303/304 and 316L/316Ti Stainless Steels.

Gas springs are used in a variety of applications including commercial vehicles, leisure and home appliances, medical engineering, construction machinery, agriculture, furniture, and numerous areas of commercial and private use. 303/304 and 316 Stainless Steel gas springs are resistant to chemicals and ideal for special applications in the Medical, Chemical, Maritime, and Food Industries.

Stabilus IndustryLine gas springs are self-contained and maintenance free, containing pressured nitrogen gas for force and oil for both lubrication and damping. The amount of gas and oil can be customized to fit your application requirements.

In addition to the standard Stabilus gas spring offerings, Magnus can now supply a full range of IndustryLine items including:

  • Small Gas Springs – Extended lengths as small as 60mm (2.4”) and forces as low as 5N (1 lb)
  • Tension Gas Springs – Pull-in force instead of the standard Push force 
  • Double Stroke Gas Springs – Reduces handle loads and bounce for heavy lids with two pressure tubes 
  • Sliding Door Dampers – Allows smooth closing and damping of sliding doors

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