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Conveyor Rollers

At Magnus, we offer Rotacaster conveyor components and conveyor rollers. These conveyor rollers are 48 mm (1.90”) multidirectional, all-polymer wheels designed and manufactured for industrial, robust environments. Often used in goods-to-person workstations, 90 degree transfers, inspection and assembly stations and packaging stations.

Improve Performance

  • Multidirectional Movement - Easily rotate products for orientation, alignment or inspection
  • Lateral Divert - Roll packages laterally instead of dragging
  • Load Control - Materials are easily controlled and track straight
  • Non-Corrosive option for wet and humid environments


  • Increase productivity with easier material movement and reduced worker fatigue.
  • Improve reliability in dirty or gritty environments over ball transfers. Also reduce workplace noise with urethane Rotacasters.
  • Install as needed for a particular function inexisting conveyor sections; defer capital expenditures for new conveyor equipment. Use in driven or gravity conveyor lines.
  • Eliminate product damage with increased surface contact area compared to ball transfers. Select an optimum contact surface: 65A urethane, 90A urethane or TCP Rotacasters.

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    Manufacturer: Rotacaster

9 Item(s)

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