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Non Corrosive & Specialty Ball Bearings

Non Corrosive / Specialty Bearings

Not all bearings are created equal

Magnus offers the highest quality non-corrosive and specialty bearings and housings, either from our extensive in-stock inventory or from our ability to custom fabricate to exact specifications - in quantities from one to millions.

Why Choose Non Corrosive Specialty Bearings

Our non-corrosive bearings are made with materials that resist corrosive environments, such as:

  • Water & moisture
  • Weak acid & alkali
  • Strong acid
  • Reactive gas

We offer non-corrosive bearing materials to for thrust bearings, flanged bearings, and several other bearing types to ensure your needs are met.

  • Stainless Steel Bearings – Stainless steel is used to make bearings due to its ability to resist surface corrosion. This is because stainless steel has a higher content of chromium (around 18%) and nickel. The chromium reacts with oxygen to form a protective, passive film of chromium oxide on the surface.
  • Ceramic Bearings – Most commonly arranged as a hybrid of stainless steel rings and ceramic balls, ceramic bearings are hard for increased durability to accompany corrosion resistance.
  • Acetal Polymer Bearings – Excellent corrosion resistance and dielectric properties. Generally paired with stainless steel or hard glass balls for additional corrosion resistance. They can be washed and retain their corrosion-resistant qualities and are perfect for gas, liquid media or food processing applications.
  • High Carbon Chromium Steel – Extremely hard, can bear heavy loads and provide long bearing life. Less resistant to corrosion than stainless steel, but the chromium content still provides some resistance. They are more cost-effective.

With literally thousands of standard and non-standard bearings available - in both inch and metric sizes - you’ll enjoy quicker delivery and less downtime for your equipment.

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